… Silent Flute and the flutes

The title
“Silent Flute -gennem rum”
originally arises
as a consequence of the fact
that the first recordings
are recorded in my flat
with neighbors
and to the side.

I begin to cultivate
the close, still, intense sounds of the flutes
and find great inspiration
in blowing obliquely,
the recorder held out to the side,
whereby the sound of the dry air,
which whistles past the mouthpiece,
brushes the one corner
and becomes an important part
of the sound picture,
the level varying
according to the flute’s slanting position.

In addition to that
comes the use of my electronic equipment
which the flute is played through.

I turn on and off the electronic flute sound
using pedals … live
… so that I can determine
at which level
the acoustic resonance,
effects, echo, harmonizer etc.
are to blend
with the acoustic sound
and colour the final flute sound.

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