… – gennem rum

– gennem rum (through spaces)
is the subtitle of Silent Flute.

In Danish,
the word ‘rum’ contains nuances,
that I cannot find in one single English word
– a merging of physical space
and auditory space.

– gennem rum
is dreams, visions, visual images,
I have had, which I believe,
it would be exciting to transform
into an auditory universe
and then let myself be inspired
to enter with my flutes.


Black Marks was inspired by a vision,
I had, when I visited Cola de Caballo,
The Horse’s Tail,
a huge waterfall in North Mexico,
and later the sounds
of big black birds in San Felipe,
which only sing
around 4 – 5 o’clock in the morning.

I recorded everything on DAT.
I had to make the sound of the image
of the big, white water surface,
which the birds flapped in and out of
and apparently
left their black marks in the white foam
when they stayed
hanging for a moment.
That became “Sorte Spor” – “Black Marks”.

“Sea Lights” is a vision,
I had during a meditation.


I undertake a journey
down through the waves of the sea
and after a while,
I find myself on a large illuminated place at the bottom of the sea.
The sound of the waves has faded away,
I only sense the big black arch
which encircles the space,
I am in.
The light is soft, foggy verdigris-green.
And in the middle of the place
stands a big house.
It most resembles
a giant barn.
Without windows.
The silence is great.


I rest a while in emptyness.

On the journey back through the waves,
I hear the same calling sounds,
as I heard on the journey down.

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